001 Welcome to Sebz World of Sports

Welcome to Sebz World of Sports!

This is a 4th Grader’s Sports News Journal – come into my world and let’s talk about sports!

In Episode 1, you’ll find out about Sebz World of Sports and your host, Sebastian.

What do you think? What questions or topics would you like covered?
Please email or leave a voicemail for Sebz World of Sports at www.SebzWorldOfSports.com. On Twitter: @sebzworldsports. On Instagram: @sebzworldsports.

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1 thought on “001 Welcome to Sebz World of Sports”

  1. Wow! Da habe ich ja heute so viel über dich gelernt!

    Du bist wirklich der Sport Experte mein lieber Freund!

    Viel Spaß dabei!!

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