028 NY Met’s Pete Alonso HR; Time in Germany; Baseball Hall of Fame; Guest Dan Currier

In Episode 28, Seb returns from summer break!

To start off Season 2 of Sebz World of Sports, guest Dan Currier of Creator Fundamentals asks Seb what he thinks of NY Mets’s Pete Alonso’s new home run record.

Seb briefly talks about his annual trip to Germany and how he got an autograph from Ante Rebic, a Croatian soccer player who played for Eintracht Frankfurt at the time. Now, Rebic is a forward for AC Milan.

As usual, Seb’s dog, Miss NoNa, makes an audible “appearance.”

Finally, Seb mentions the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, and why it’s a good trip for baseball fans.

What do you think? What questions or topics would you like covered? 

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