029 Sebz Sports Predictions and Dog-Ownership – with Santha Wanigasinghe

In Episode 29, Seb talks on location – on the block – with guest Santha Wanigasinghe, a fellow dog owner-neighbor and sports enthusiast.

Seb and Santha like opposing teams – listen in to see what they say. Santha also asks Seb for his predictions regarding the NFL, MLB and local MLS teams, NYFC and the Red Bulls. Find out whether Seb gets it right!

Seb goes on to give updates for the European soccer standings, for Columbia University’s men’s basketball team, and for his own soccer league.

– Santha gives a shout out to his coworker, Doug Unger.
– Seb gives CU’s Gabe Stefanini a get-well nod.
– Seb also mentions Varmints!, a podcast about animals.

Sebz Sports Tip has to do with teamwork. Listen in to find out what his soccer team did to start winning games – thank you, Coach!

Finally, Seb wants folks to know about another podcast, Varmints! It’s a wonderful show about animals, and it’s family-friendly. Seb makes a short appearance, talking about millipedes and centipedes in the latest episode. Click HERE to check it out!

What do you think? What questions or topics would you like covered? 

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