030 NFL and NBA Predictions – with Guest Henry

In Episode 30, Seb has his school friend, Henry, a fellow sports player and fan, on the show.

Together, 5th graders Seb and Henry share their predictions for football’s Week 12 and professional basketball.

Along the way, they talk about players such as Jack Levine, Josh Allen, Zay Jones, John Brown, Phillip Lindsey, Kawhai Leonard, Jvon MIller, BRandon McManus, Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garapallo, Devonte Adams, George Kittle, Ezekiel Elliott, Kemba Walker, Tom Brady, and Stephen Curry.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss as Seb and Henry analyze players and state clearly their predictions.

They also wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and Henry shares a sports trick for Sebz Sport Tip segment.

What do you think? What questions or topics would you like covered? 

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