Seb’s TBI, Michigan’s Mike Smith, Sledding Tips

Today, Seb talks about his TBJ/concussion, the NY Mets spring training – why Seb doesn’t like it and his predictions for the team.
Seb also talks about what could happen if the NY Knicks win this year.
Seb tested…negative for COVID-19. Yay!
Will you watch March Madness? Seb tells you why he favors University of Michigan. Hint: Mike Smith.

Sebz Sports Tip:
This episode’s tip has to do with sledding.

How Do You Like Your Tea podcast
Pointless Sports Opinion podcast
– Seb’s friend who has COVID.
– The many teams at New York Presbyterian Hospital:
– EMTs, paramedics
– Emergency Room Team
– Neurology Surgery Team
– Neurology Psych. Team
– Endocrinology: Dr. Antal, Dr. Apsan, Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Kotwal
– E.N.T. Team, Dr. Alexiades
– O.T. + P.T. Teams
– Day and Night doctors: Dr. Yamakawa, Dr. Greenfield, Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Spector, Fellows, Residents
– Day and Night Nurses: Vivian, Amanda, Steve
– Custodial: Mr.Baptiste
– Food: Ms. Raquel

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