Thanksgiving 2020 Football Games, Sebz Sports Tip, Remote Learning

Thanksgiving 2020 and football games — are covered in this episode with your host, Sebastian.

In the first football game, the Houston Texans won 41-16 against the Detroit Lions.  Also in this game, Deshaun Watson threw for four touchdowns and 304 yards, which helped Sebastian win in fantasy football!

In Game Two on Thanksgiving, the Washington football team won 41-17 against the Dallas Cowboys. Seb shares that the Cowboys ran a funny fake punt that tricked no one on Earth — and the Cowboys failed.

The third game from Thanksgiving was supposed to be the Baltimore Ravens against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But it got postponed to Tuesday, sadly. Seb was not happy about that!

Sebz Sports Tip is about basketball: When you shoot a basketball, always look at the hoop so you know where to shoot. And, when you pump-fake, make it believable so the defender jumps and gives you an open shot or so you can drive to the hoop.

Seb also gives listeners insight into remote learning. He says he liked going in once a week better.

A shout-out goes out to Seb’s friend Henry and his dad, Mike. They are in Seb’s fantasy football league.

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